Product Stewardship Commitment (PSC)

SAVA and its members are committed to building sustainability awareness across the value chain in order to address our sustainability challenges. An important step towards achieving this objective is SAVA’S Product Stewardship Commitment (PSC) – a series of achievable commitments to address our industry’s environmental issues that are based on international health and safety standards and best practice models.

SAVA assists members, relevant authorities and experts to understand, characterise and address product stewardship issues associated with the life cycle of vinyl products.

(Members are requested to inform SAVA about any significant environmental or health safety issues in connection with the manufacture, use or disposal of vinyl products.)

SAVA’s PSC is divided into 4 focus areas:

SAVA members are committed to achieve the following targets in relation to the manufacturing of all vinyl products:

Sustainable manufacturing


  • Total VCM emission from vinyl production processes less than 250g/mt for S-PVC and E-PVC.

  • VCM content in final vinyl regular product application less than 5g/mt for S-PVC.

  • VCM content in final vinyl regular product application less than 10g/mt for E-PVC.

  • VCM content in final vinyl product for food and medical application less than 1g/mt for S-PVC.

  • VCM content in final vinyl product for food and medical application less than 1g/mt for E-PVC.


  • Mercury-free vinyl production processes in all local & imported vinyl & compounds

Sustainable use of additives


  • Complete phase-out of the use of short-chain chlorinated paraffin in the manufacture of vinyl-based products.


  • Lead-free stabilisers & additives to be used in all vinyl products


  • Cadmium-free stabilisers and additives to be used in all vinyl products.


Hexavalent Chromium free additives and pigments to be used in all vinyl products. 


  • All vinyl products to be Bisphenol A-free

Low-molecular weight phthalate plasticisers

Restrict the use of DEHP and DOP in high human-contact applications such as

  • toys

  • medical devices (excluding blood bags)

  • footwear

  • gloves and apparel

  • shower curtains

  • flooring

  • table cloths

  • domestic flexible hoses

Closed-loop management

  • Increase the re-cycling of post consumer PVC-P to 15000 mt per annum.

  • Increase the re-cycling of post consumer PVC-U to 10000 mt per annum.

  • Address the issue of legacy additives.

Introducing SAVA’s new ‘Green Tick’ product label

In response to member and market feedback requesting a product label that is easier to understand and use, SAVA announced that it changed its old Vinyl-dot product label to a new “Green Tick”. This new product label was officially launched and awarded to SAVA members during the virtual meeting earlier this year as part of World Environment Day celebrations.

The Green Tick denotes the following:

  • A successfully completed task

  • An “all is good” symbol

  • A positive reinforcement

  • An indication of passing a test, getting a good mark on a school paper, or receiving high accolades on a job- related project.

  • The idea is that if you see the green tick, you'll know you're talking to a legit business, rather than a fraudster

  • An example of sustainability certification of goods and services based on an independent, full life cycle assessment of conventionally produced goods from “cradle to grave”

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